Art Book Week | July 4 - 11 is a parallel series of city-wide events that coincide with the Toronto Art Book Fair. Art Book Week features artist's book-driven exhibitions, projects, and programs held throughout the GTA. The goal of Art Book Week is to bring attention to current artist’s book culture and practices as well as highlight Toronto’s art publishing community.

 Event Schedule 

Toronto Photobook Library: Big and Small — presented by CONTACT Photography Festival 

CONTACT Gallery, 80 Spadina Ave. Suite 205  

Opening reception July 4th | 6 - 8PM

Weekdays | 12 - 6PM and Saturday & Sunday | 12 - 5PM

Established by photographer Zackery Hobler, the Toronto Photobook Library creates temporary reading rooms to engage with a curated selection of photobooks. The theme for this iteration, Big and Small, points to the vast scale on which the medium spans from small-run, self-published books to genre-defining anthologies.

Frances Loring and Florence Wyle: Their Wills and Testaments, and The Sculpture Fund — Hosted by Amy Nugent Art Gallery Of Ontario, E.P. Taylor Library & Archives  — 317 Dundas Street West

Wednesday July 4 | 6 – 8PM

Please join 221A Research Fellow Amy Nugent (Vancouver) for a special event, devoted to the Wills and Testaments of sculptors Frances Loring (1887–1968) and Florence Wyle (1881–1968). The event centres around a reading of the artists’ wills, highlighting their unfulfilled wishes to have a Sculpture Fund for Canadian art acquisitions. 221A has published a limited edition artists’ book which pairs the mirroring wills drafted by the artists in 1963. A display of photographs and documents selected from Loring and Wyle’s AGO archives will deepen their histories at the site where their fonds are held.

Angry Asian Feminist Gang X Art Metropole

Chinatown Centre, Kem Xuân Hương Ice Cream — Unit C15
Thursday July 5 - Sunday, July 8 | Open during fair hours  


Art Metropole will be hosting an off-site store for TOABF 2018 curated by Toronto's Angry Asian Feminist Gang (AAFG). Located in Kem Xuân Hương, a former ice cream shop on the lower concourse level of the Chinatown Centre, AAFG will present a selection of printed material from Art Metropole's store as well as a new body of acquired zines, publications and artists' books. AAFG will also be producing free prints and zines on-site with a risograph machine and hosting a number of local artists and writers for ad-hoc talks and workshops in the ice cream shop. The shop will feature work by Amy Wong, Emmie Tsumura and Shellie Zhang and conversations with Toronto-based Asian artists and collectives. 


The Angry Asian Feminist Gang is an amorphous group of self-identifying Asian feminists with an interest in art and cultural production. The group's mission is to create a network of Asian feminists dedicated to working collaboratively, making space and developing dialogue centred on Asian feminist concerns.

The Garden Part 2: Collaborative Installation and Reading Room with Vide Press
Chinatown Centre, Main Stage
Thursday, July 5 - Sunday, July 8 | O
pen during fair hours

The Garden Part 2 is a modular reading room installation by Moniker Press in collaboration with the Vancouver Art Book Fair and Vide Press. Objects reconstructed from salvaged materials host a collection of Vancouver-based artists' books, zines and publications. Sit. Read. Stay awhile.

Dead Letter Office: White Glove Sale, window installation by Atelier Céladon and Art Metropole

Art Metropole — 1490 Dundas Street West

On view for the month of July


Dead Letter Office will be accepting your dead letters starting July 5 and throughout the rest of the month. Have you ever written a letter or created a package that was never delivered to your intended? Love letters to those who stopped being your lover, immigration papers filled out incorrectly, objects gathered for ancestors, notes to your future self—whispers that got away. Atelier Céladon will be the object’s steward. Unburden yourself from this accumulation. Send them off to Art Metropole with no return address. Your parcels will be displayed and ultimately find pause in mousseline cotton chains. 

Flock, Audio Installation by Chloé Roubert

Chinatown Centre, Main Stage
Thursday, July 5 - Sunday, July 8 | Performed before and after every Main Stage event. 


Flock is an audio installation based on the movement and sound of Chinatown Centre’s most avid frequenters – the local pigeon flock. For the duration of the fair, the recorded audio of their cooing and wings will intermittently resonate throughout the venue. The positive associations of these sounds will be in stark contrast to doves (white pigeons) and evoke the way humans extract and classify the reality around them to purify and exclude what is deemed uncomfortable from it: considering certain animals pests, appropriating culture or gentrifying neighbourhoods are all results of this similar drive. The project aims at thinking more holistically about the living and ideological ecosystems that make up our everyday and is accompanied by a map tracing these local pigeons’ behaviours.

Chloé Roubert is an anthropologist interested in the relation between humans and organic life. She uses maps, archives, design and ethnography to create projects that have been presented the Banff Art Center, Bétonsalon and the Bauhaus-Dessau Foundation.


Risograph Print Happenstance Collage Collaboration — hosted by Quentin Mitchell
Chinatown Centre, Vide Press: Table #52
Thursday, July 5 - Sunday, July 8 | Occuring
 during fair hours


Seize the means of production!

Over the course of the fair, Vide Press will be seeking submissions from fair-goers and other exhibitors for a collaborative Risograph art book project. On hand will be their Risograph RP3700, the ultimate DIY print-making machine! Collage, illustration, and writing materials will be provided for contributors to create artwork on the fly, which will be copied on the Risograph glass and layered with other contributors' work to create beautiful, experimental, surprising prints! These prints will be gathered at the end of the fair and bound as a commemorative art book for all contributors to take with them.

Things I Learned From Things with Ivy Zheyu Chen from UPON
Chinatown Centre, Main Stage 

Friday July 6 | 2PM

This talk shares three subjects that inspire me creatively or non-creatively: Constructible Polygons, White Blood Cells, and Fuck-ups. UPON Studio, founded by Ivy Zheyu Chen,  is a New York-based printmaking and communication design studio with a pure intention: explore anything for fun and experience.

The Tyranny of Structurelessness: A Lecture on Collaboration — presented by Damn Reena   

Chinatown Centre, Main Stage

Friday, July 6 | 3PM


This loose group "lecture" will provide a spirited interpretation of the essay "The Tyranny of Structurelessness" by Jo Freeman (1970). Written after years of experience in the women's liberation movement, the essay deftly articulates the way power (and powerlessness) become manifest in even the most non-hierarchical and well-meaning attempts at collectivity. As Freeman writes, an "apparent lack of structure too often disguise[s] an informal, unacknowledged and unaccountable leadership that [i]s all the more pernicious because its very existence [is] denied." Damn Reena will contextualize Freeman's crystalline reflections on collaboration in relation to art and artists' practices in the present.


Damn Reena is a handful of persons recently assembled to interrogate collectivity and collaboration, and produce writing-based works as a group. Current collaborators include Jaclyn Bruneau, Natasha Chaykowski, Alison Cooley, Areum Kim, Lindsay Miles, Michael Pace, Jacquelyn Z Ross, Nicole Kelly Westman, and Natasha Young. 

Where Does it Hurt by Merve Ünsal — Reading and Soft Launch presented by Art Metropole, in partnership with Fogo Island Arts 
Friday, July 6 | 4:30PM 
Chinatown Centre, Main Stage


Istanbul-based artist and writer Merve Ünsal will be doing a short reading from her upcoming publication with Art Metropole entitled, Where Does It Hurt, a contemplation on pain and its hosting bodies. The publication was produced during her 2017 residency with The Islands, where she uses text and material practices to explore correlations between art language and military vocabulary.

THE ISLANDS, a two-part residency developed by Art Metropole and Fogo Island Arts that aims to encourage arts writing and criticism in contemporary art. The residency has been supported through a partnership with Artscape Gibraltar Point.

After-Hours at 401 Richmond 
401 Richmond Street West, Studio 104, 115, 120, 121, 124, and 140.

Friday, July 6 | 5 - 8:30PM


After-Hours at 401 Richmond is a rare opportunity to experience the breadth of galleries and organizations housed in Toronto’s favourite arts and culture hub. Participating galleries, Gallery 44 (120), Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art (124), Open Studio (104), Trinity Square Video (121), Redhead Gallery (115), and YYZ (140) will be staying open late to showcase their summer exhibitions and share exciting new projects. 


What is our Role?

Artists in Academia and the Post-Knowledge Economy — presented by YYZ Books
401 Richmond Street West, YYZ Artists' Outlet Studio 140

Friday, July 6 | 5:30 - 7:30PM


Inspired by her own experiences of having to select a professional identity as an emerging scholar, editor Jaclyn Meloche asks the question What is our Role? What is our Role?: Artists in Academia and the Post-Knowledge Economy brings to the page a selection of inspired negotiations of the role of the artist in academia by four artist-scholars. While narrated through the lens of the practitioner, each chapter in this publication responds to the question: What is at stake for artists with Ph.D.’s in academia today?

Mapping Territories: Practicing With(/in) Communities, featuring artists: Maanii Oakes, sab meynert, Steven Beckly, moderated by Henry Heng Lu

Chinatown Centre, Main Stage

Friday, July 6 | 6PM

How does an artistic practitioner navigate their relationship with the community which they position themselves within and respond to? How are notions of advocacy, kinship, resistance, and trauma expressed through varied figurations of image and text? In this panel, the three artists who are committed to either working across print media or creating works on paper cogitate the intersection of contemporary art practice and community roots that is situated in the ever-changing political and cultural landscapes of our time.


Resistance is Futile, presented by Hard to Read x Pillow Talk and in partnership with Art Metropole

For location RSVP to 

Friday, July 6 | 6 - 8PM


Join organizing host Fiona Duncan as she brings her two LA-based events series to Toronto for one night of listening and talk. Usually separate events, Hard to Read, a lit series, and Pillow Talk, a community organized discussion on sex, love, and communication, will be coupled for this special event — a communal exploration of mental wellness and sensuousness. Featuring contributions by writer Cason Sharpe, poet Rosemary Georgia Flutur, musician Deidre, and more, we’ll explore currents like Millennial anxiety, Jordan Peterson and incel, the wellness industry (class, health, and spirituality), eros as a creative force, compulsion, and more.
Follow @pillo_wtalk and @hardtoread on Insta for updates and live event stories. 

MICE Magazine :: Issue Four, OPACITIES — Launch
Chinatown Centre, Main Stage

Saturday, July 7 | 1PM


To launch the fourth issue of MICE Magazine, guest-editors Pamela Edmonds and Mark V. Campbell discuss the issue's theme 'Opacities' with special guest contributors.

Issue Four: OPACITIES brings forth a conversation between artists, writers, and curators about opacity as a primary aesthetic form in which blackness is performed. The idea of opacity emerges both as a strategy of active resistance and empowerment envisioned as an alterity that breaks down the hierarchies of global art, working against the logic of recognition and the ocular bias of Eurocentrism.

Coptic Stitch & Japanese Stab Binding Workshop, hosted by Akin Collective and Jessica Thalmann
525 King Street West, Third Floor

Saturday, July 7 | 1 - 4PM


Artist Jessica Thalmann will lead a workshop with participants interested in learning two unique styles of handmade books including Coptic Stitch and Japanese Stab binding. This workshop is suitable for photographers, illustrators, painters, collage and interdisciplinary artists wishing to create sewn book structures not requiring glue. Thalmann will present a lecture on artists exploring unique threaded elements in their photobooks. Participants will then be guided through the creation of two techniques: Japanese stab binding, a great place to start with four hole punched single facing sheets hand sewn into elegant designs; and Coptic Stitch, a very old technique using beautiful visible chain stitch links across the spine and a hard cover where the entire book is sewn together with one continuous piece of thread.



Zine-Making Workshop lead by Sheila Sampath from The Public — presented by YYZ
401 Richmond Street West, YYZ Artists' Outlet: Unit 140

Saturday, July 7 | 1 - 4PM


In this three-hour workshop, participants will be introduced to the practice of zine-making and conditional design; an adaptive, game-based process of analogue visualization that uses input, logic and creativity to respond to environmental changes. Through discussions and small group activities, Sheila will propose idealized and speculative conditions, resulting in new visualizations that imagine a more just and equitable future for all people. Limited space available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Object Catering: LA Menu Launch, hosted by JMS Press
Chinatown Center, Various Special Locations 

Saturday, July 7 | 2 - 5PM

Object Catering and JMS Press are pleased to announce the launch of Object Catering's LA Menu. The new menu is basically the same as the old one, except with new items to look at and buy, from a hotter and more populated city. Typical of the region, the new items are flat, run over and deflated, while a beautiful surface is still prioritized. The menu images are quick, unedited scans from a super heavy discount scanner/fax machine I bought at Staples – think George Foreman Grill. There's no fixed location or social gathering to punctuate the occasion. The launch will be a series of fractured, purely transactional, private interactions that will take place on the grounds of the Toronto Art Book Fair. Once a buyer purchases a menu, they will receive a phone number. Text the number, pick a location on-site, and your new object will be delivered to you.       

The Construction of Things; "A work in progress, reading by Chloë Lum"
Chinatown Centre, Main Stage

Saturday, July 7 | 3PM


The Construction of Things is the provisional title for a short work that blends auto-fiction, choreographic score, and workshop instructions, both real and speculative, for creating performance works centered around empathy and a desire to understand the inanimate. A journal of and hesitant guidebook to process based art making, Construction is an account of faking it and inventing a language when the existing ones don’t fit.

Chloë Lum is a Montreal-based multidisciplinary artist and writer who works collaboratively with Yannick Desranleau. Their joint practice includes print installation, video, photography, dance, all of which center transformative relationships between bodies and inanimate objects.


Angry Asian Feminist Gang — In Conversation, presented in partnership with Art Metropole
Chinatown Centre, Main Stage

Saturday, July 7 | 4PM 


Amy Wong, founder of AAFG, will be discussing the history, mandate and recent work of the Toronto-based collective Angry Asian Feminist Gang. Followed by a Q&A.

The Angry Asian Feminist Gang is an amorphous group of self-identifying Asian feminists with an interest in art and cultural production. The group's mission is to create a network of Asian feminists dedicated to working collaboratively, making space and developing dialogue centred on Asian feminist concerns.

Critical Distance Centre for Curators E-Shop — Launch and Celebration
Artscape Youngplace — 180 Shaw Street, Critical Distance Centre for Curators: Unit 302

Saturday, July 7 | 4 - 7PM


Critical Distance is thrilled to launch our e-shop in conjunction with Toronto Art Book Week this summer. Join us in the gallery for a celebration and sale featuring both new and bestselling titles by Contemporary& (Berlin), Public Collectors (Chicago), and Kayfa-ta (Cairo), as well as our own series of catalogues documenting past exhibitions at Critical Distance. Limited free copies of Contemporary& magazine will also be available while supplies last! Refreshments will be served and all are welcome. Watch our Instagram throughout the week for featured highlights from our selection of local and international artists' publications, catalogues, editions, and multiples, available in-gallery and now, online. 

The Insomniac’s Assistant — Book Launch presented by Penrose Press
Artscape Youngplace — 180 Shaw Street, 3 Delta Studio: Unit 207

Saturday, July 7 | 6 - 10PM

The Insomniac’s Assistant is a verse novel about the struggles, stresses, and strange joys of the sleepless. In one of the oddest examples of Bring Your Friend to Work Day, follow the protagonist on a typical night of soothing a city to sleep, and experience the magic that creeps into the world in the small hours. Sienna Tristen’s debut work of poetry sheds light on all the anxieties, insecurities, and obsessions that keep us up at night—then imagines a presence comforting enough to tame them. Illustrated by Brianna Tosswill and published by Penrose Press, these books are limited edition treasures. Join us in celebrating their launch at Artscape Youngplace. Dress code: pyjamas. 

Risograph Poster Collaboration Workshop

Hosted by Moniker Press, Vide Press and Vancouver Art Book Fair
Chinatown Centre, Main Stage
Saturday, July 7 | 6 - 8PM


Join Quentin Mitchell of Vide Press for an interactive risograph poster making workshop as a way to connect the west coast with the east.

Penrose Press Editing Workshop

401 Richmond St. West, Open Studio: Unit 104 

Sunday, July 8 | 12 - 5PM

Do you want feedback on your writing from non-scary publishers? Bring a sample of your writing and hear from a publishing imprint with the power to make your work into a gorgeous piece of physical art. Penrose Press collaborates with emerging writers and poets to realize limited edition books, beautifully designed to do justice to the text within. Come visit us at Open Studio in 401 Richmond on July 8 between 12 and 5. Find out exactly what we’re looking for, and get concentrated, useful feedback on your work (totally free). All you need is one page’s worth of your own writing printed or on a usb. More details at, see you there!

PRRAS! Public Letters Open Mic — hosted by Index Art Book Fair, curated by Art Metropole
Chinatown Centre, Main Stage

Sunday, July 8 | 1:30PM

Continuing PRRAS! aim of acknowledging the work of women and femme colleagues working in the fields of art and culture, Index will have an open mic session where men and women are invited to publicly recognise the labour and careers of women they admire. PRRAS! is the sound of the glass ceiling breaking.

Popcorn Ceiling Maiden, Performance and Video Screening by Maya Ben David

Chinatown Centre, Main Stage
Sunday, July 8 | 3PM


To begin, Maya Ben David will be singing a love song to her popcorn ceiling covered apartment with William Ellis. Then, Ben David will present a video where she performs a gesture of eternal love towards the popcorn ceiling insulation that covers her apartment. Coated in insulation, like an 80s renovation siren, she lures you into her apartment, sometimes violently and sometimes like a pure fair maiden. Her mission is strictly peaceful although she can seem impatient at times, she needs you to see the beauty she sees. She needs you to look up. 

Session Press X Toronto Photobook Library
Chinatown Centre, Main Stage

Sunday, July 8 | 4:30PM


Founded by Miwa Susuda, photobook consultant at Dashwood Books in NYC, Session Press is a publishing collective dedicated to introducing contemporary and historical works by both emerging and established Japanese and Chinese photographers. Susuda will be joined onstage by Zackery Hobler of the Toronto Photobook Library, which creates temporary reading rooms to engage with a curated selection of phone books.

Friends of Kaka, 2018, performance by Patrick Cruz — presented by Franz Kaka 

87 Wade Ave — Franz Kaka, Unit B1 

Sunday, July 8 | 6 - 8PM — Performance begins at 7PM


Coinciding with his upcoming solo exhibition at the gallery, using a loop machine and a pitch correction pedal Patrick Cruz will perform a freestyle rap using Franz Kaka's past exhibition titles as a structural departing point. The improvised performance will attempt to reanimate and retranslate Franz Kaka's exhibition history into a temporal sonic conversation. Through free association and play on words; the linguistic becomes bodily.

With/Out Pretend presents — Unruly Bodies

The Garrison — 1197 Dundas St West

Sunday, July 8 | 7 - 11PM

“All of us live in unruly bodies that we’re all trying to take care of as best we can." 

— Roxane Gay

Another unique event brought to you by With/Out Pretend! Speakers will share a story about their relationship with a body that refuses to act “as it should.” In a world that works so hard to control, discipline, and punish the bodies of women, and especially trans women, femmes, BIPOC women, non-binary folks, and sick and disabled women, how can we begin to celebrate our unruly bodies? 

Unruly Bodies features stories from: Claire AH, Tanya Neumeyer, Frizz Kid, Nadia Tan, Ama Scriver, Chantelle Blagrove, Anne Theriault, Margeaux Feldman, Yes the poet. 

Zine Library Open House — presented by OCAD U Zine Library 

122 St. Patrick Street, The Learning Zone: Level 1

Tuesday, July 10 | 1 - 6PM

Come visit and browse a collection of over 2500 zines, from uniquely handmade multiples, minicomics, poetry chapbooks, perzines, and much more! We will have a special display of recent acquisitions with a focus on indigenous voices, decolonization and multilingual publications.

Punchclock Open House & Studio Sale — hosted by Colour Code Printing
Colour Code Printing, 251 Sorauren Ave: Unit 104
Tuesday July 10 | 6 - 9PM


Punchclock is a screen printing collective whose current members include Jacob Horwood, Alicia Nauta, 1% Talent, Colour Code, Louise Reimer, Ginette Lapalme, Claire Manning, Paterson Hodgson & Dan Rocca. Please join us for a studio sale and open house.

Reading Blueprint, presented by Little Sister Gallery and JMS Press 

Little Sister Gallery, in the alley behind 13 Mansfield Ave. 

Tuesday, July 10 | 6:30 - 8PM


Little Sister Gallery and JMS Press discuss their recent project Blueprint, an exhibition with an akin artist-book release featuring the work of Mary Manning. Their conversation will reflect on the pleasures of working together, housed in the collaboration that resulted from their respective limitations as different types of “artist-run” platforms. What does a book have to offer that an exhibition cannot? And vice versa. It concerns the branching out, making, and maintenance of art oriented communities on the periphery (if only just) of the institution.