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Impulse [b:]

Printed Matter class co-taught by Garry Neill Kennedy and Cathy Busby, University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, with Cathy Busby's We Are Sorry in Witnesses: Art and Canada's Indian Residential Schools, Belkin Art Gallery, UBC, 2013

Posters + Student Work: from the Collection of Garry Neill Kennedy and Cathy Busby

“Our poster collection is an accumulation found here and there among our possessions. We will show a selection from: the see red women’s workshop (a feminist silk-screen poster collective, London, 1974-90); a selection from Portikus (the gallery of Stadelschule, Frankfurt) from the early 1990s; some Chinese propaganda posters (1960s); a selection of halifax event posters (2000s); some individual artist posters by Claes Oldenburg; Lawrence Weiner; A-Yo; Bruce Nauman; General Idea; Cathy Busby; Garry Neill Kennedy.


We’ll also present class books, 1990 - 2017. In these publications students contribute a work of one or many pages and the edition provides everyone with a copy of the resulting book. Garry started the ‘class book’ tradition when he began teaching printed matter in 1990, first at NSCAD and then UBC since 2013 with Cathy Busby. Following up on this exhibition, we’ll be making a publication about our student’s artist books, 1990 - 2017, to be launched at the Vancouver art book fair, October 2017.”

 - Cathy Busby and Garry Neill Kennedy​


Related Items curated by Art Metropole's Nasrin Himada and Michael Pace, and Emma Sharpe


Art Metropole is a not-for-profit organization focused on the distribution and contextualization of artist-initiated publication in any media, especially those formats and practices predisposed to sharing and circulation. It was founded in 1974 by the artists’ collective General Idea.
Publication is a social space. Through expanded conversation around artist publishing, Art Metropole aims to provide incentive for readers, ultimately creating new formats for the sharing of ideas, materials, and knowledge. For the Toronto Art Book Fair, Art Metropole has selected a series of multiples, prints, zines, and audio works that encourage participation around and through their format. Art Metropole's booth will occupy the display, which will also host gastronomic editions, listening stations, areas for reading and resting, and more.

Eric Oglander. Image from Craigslist Mirrors, ongoing

Generators curated by Anthony Stepter, in partnership with Critical Distance Centre for Curators 

Under the TOABF 2017 thematic focus archives and alternative narratives, Anthony Stepter’s exhibition Generators is designed to celebrate the one note joke, the one trick pony, and the one liner across media. Countless artists’ books, projects, and practices start with a single guiding principle and through unflagging adherence to this rule, generate troves of material, assembled into an ad-hoc archive that tells us something about culture that would otherwise go unnoticed. The exhibition assembles works by artists that arise from the accumulation of a single subject or rule.


Featuring Marc Fischer/ Public Collectors, Edie Fake, Eric Oglander, Dina Kelberman, Nellie Kluz, Sanaz Mazinani, Leah Wellbaum, and Erika Defreitas.


Anthony Stepter is the graduate program coordinator for museum and exhibition studies at the university of Illinois at Chicago (UCI). He holds a MA in Visual and Cultural Studies from the Art Institute of Chicago.

TOABF 2017 Programming and Workshop Schedule


Friday, June 16

2pm | Art is (Poop Emoji) and the Many Ways to be an Artist Featuring Lido Pimienta 

3pm | Excavations of the Uncanny Featuring Technologie Und Das Unheimliche (T+U)

6:30pm | Posters + Student Work a Conversation with Garry Neill Kennedy, Cathy Busby, and Roger Bywater


Saturday, June 17

3pm | The Amateur Printer by Alex Durlak of Perish Publishing

4pm | How Objects Condition Relations Featuring Artists; Tsēma Igharas, Basil Alzeri, Myung-Sun Kim, and Lisa Myers and Hosted by Curator Nasrin Himada. 

6:30pm | Thrift Stores are My Sad Museums by Alicia Nauta


Sunday, June 18

2pm | Generators Panel Discussion Curator Anthony Steptor, Toronto-based artist Erika Defreitas, and CDCC Director Shani Parsons



In partnership with Paperhouse Outreach Collective and SKETCH, the Toronto Art Book Fair will be facilitating a week-long artists' book and ‘zine workshop for youth and young adults who identify and/or ally with LGBTQIA2S, disabled, and POC communities. TOABF x ZIPE explores the artist’s book as a mode of self-expression, socio-political discourse, and the distribution of ideas and creative skills.


Participants create, print, and publish their own artists’ books and ‘zines with the guidance of local artists with strong voices within the LGBTQIA2S, disabled, and POC communities. The four-day workshop leads up to the Toronto Art Book Fair, where participants have the opportunity to table their work. TOABF x ZIPE is a safe and inclusive space for participants to talk openly about social barriers, personal experiences, and explore alternative methods of storytelling, and it connects learners with local organizations and resources to provide a network of support and outreach opportunities.


Artists’ Books x Emerging Art Writers Workshop

The Emerging Art Writers Workshop is an opportunity for art enthusiasts, critics, students, and artists to receive mentorship and hands-on assistance from Canada’s top professional art editors and critics.


The two-day workshop will be facilitated by C Magazine editor Amish Morrell and Canadian Art staff writer Merray Gerges. With a focus on critiquing and writing about artists’ books, multiples, ‘zines, and ephemera, participants will learn how to effectively and efficiently engage with historical and contemporary works of printed matter. The workshop will culminate in a unique publication produced by the Toronto Art Book Fair that features each participant’s review.


Amish is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and School of Interdisciplinary Studies at OCAD University, the Editorial Director at C Magazine, and the Director of Programs at C the Visual Arts Foundation.


Merray studied Art History and Journalism in Halifax, where she was writer-in-residence at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, and is now a staff writer at Canadian Art. Her reporting, criticism, and lectures have ranged from discussing the radical potential (and shortcomings) of intersectional feminist memes and ASMR connections between zit-popping and slime videos to art-world race politics and tokenism.

Pink& Green is the accumulative product of the Emerging Art Writers Workshop instructed by Amish Morrell and Merray Gerges. The hands-on 2-day workshop took place over the Toronto Art Book Fair weekend last spring. The book features 12 experimental writings about 12 unique art objects or artists' books featured at the fair. 

Pink& Green is the first of a series of small publications dedicated to increasing scholarship surrounding artists' books and multiples.